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Everybody hurts - they just don't talk about it. This doesn't make you different from other people, if anything, it makes you the same. I don't know why they don't talk about - maybe they should...


Mommy is Smart

My Mommy is smart.
She knows everything.

My mommy hurts me.
That’s why I am bad.

She doesn't hurt other kids.
That’s why they’re good.

I will be good someday.

I don’t even know how not to be bad. I just am. That’s all.

I can’t tell anyone else I’m bad.
They will hurt me too.

My mommy protects me!
She doesn’t tell anyone else I’m bad too. That’s how she does it.

It’s our secret.


You're Good

You are good. But even if somehow you were really really bad and I couldn’t even tell, I would love you just the same.

I would never hurt you.

No one should ever hurt you.

If someone hurts you, it is not because you are bad. It’s only because they are hurting you. No other reason.

You are so beautiful inside your heart:

That’s where your love is that connects us all.

That’s where your courage is that makes us brave.

That’s where your goodness is that makes us good.

All of these good things are always there, no one can ever take them away and you can never run out of them. That's who you are.

That’s how I know you are good.


Helping Children

Never give up.

Your child needs you.

Have faith in your own goodness.

Be always worthy of a child’s trust.

In every living moment, avoid what you know in your heart to be wrong.

All children need this from you.

We all do.

Only then can you truly be of help helping children.