Children free of abuse  
Break the Cycle  


In a world filled with everyday examples of violence and injustice, it is no wonder we learn these behaviors as children and eventually come to practice them on others and ourselves.  We become what we have most practiced.  If we are practiced in violence, we become violent.  It may even become rationalized as a justifiable means of survival in this world.  We may come to actually believe that we must fight fire with fire.  We may go so far as to teach this insanity to our children. 

The truth has always been that fire vanishes when exposed to water's great capacity to absorb heat, that huge lightning bolts are neutralized through even the smallest of lightning rods firmly grounded in the great mass of this earth and true that the vestigial power of violence is dispelled in the boundless capacity of loving kindness.

Providing healthy examples of non-violence, our children learn useful behaviors and come to practice them with others and themselves.  Cultivating an everyday practice of loving kindness, we become loving and kind and may go so far as to teach this sanity to our children.  By not perpetuating violence and injustice, we break the cycle and begin a sustainable means of survival in this world.